Oy vey because my life is not complicated enough!!!

So I see this post from my adopted nephew (he’s my sis in law’s nephew) that their foster daughter is being given to another foster family.  Ms Thang (we’ll call her Darcy?) is HIS cousin’s daughter, but her parents are both mentally lost.  Everyone thought Darcy’s dad had custody but was just waiting to get out of jail.  Well, turns out he does not have rights over her so thats not gonna happen!  So anyway, Darcy’s foster parents, her aunt and uncle, can’t care for her anymore and were going nuts.  Here comes Wanda trying to save everyone and volunteers to be the new foster for Darcy.  WHY??  Am I nuts?  I think it’s official that I am!  i barely have time for my kids and myself, now another person in my life?  But how could I live with myself knowing I can help and didn’t?  I can’t.  I’m a sucker for rescuing people.  The current foster parents will still help me, and so will the rest of the family.  I know I won’t be alone.  And for all I know this might not happen.  But I have put it out there, and this might be my Faith In Action.  Maybe this is God’s plan, right? I just hope that when it’s time to give her back that I don’t fall apart!  I can already hear the naysayers talking mad doodoo about me.  But they don’t walk in my shoes, so let them talk!  This is my turn to make a difference, and God willing I will be allowed to do so. Image